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Provided by Renee D. Murphy-Hughes M.A., LPC (NC) Parenting Consultant & Life Transition Coach from Our Journey Through Life.

Health, Wellness, Parenting and Life Transition coaching is available in our office, via telephone and web chat.

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​​​Complete Care Consultation - $295 ($325 for multiples) Includes unlimited office follow-up visits, weight checks and phone support 

We offer a full review and assessment of mother and baby’s breastfeeding status.  Consultations can help reassure that breastfeeding is going well, or determine areas that might require help.  This allows us to create a custom plan for you so that you can meet your breastfeeding goals!

“One-on-One”  - $75  This is a mini-consult,  for situations that don't require a full consultation.
This is appropriate for situations such as: returning to work or basic infant nursing behavior.  This does not include full history, assessment, or written doctor reports, and are not appropriate for breastfeeding difficulties such as low milk supply, latching problems, or sore nipples.  

Prenatal Breastfeeding Preparation  - $75  Preparing for birth can come with many breastfeeding questions. You can sit down with our lactation consultants and get your questions answered. We can discuss your breastfeeding goals and how best to achieve them. We will apply $25 towards any future Complete Care Consultation purchase.

Inducing Lactation -  $100 (follow-up visits $25)  Sit down with our IBCLC’s for guidance and plan of action on how to induce lactation for mothers having children via surrogacy or adoption. This is also appropriate for mothers trying to re-lactate.

We will apply $25 towards any future Complete Care Consultation purchase.


Infant Weight Checks-  No Charge for current clients;  $10 for non-clients

​​What occurs during a lactation consultation?

Consultations can help reassure parents that breastfeeding is working well, or can help work towards solutions if there are difficulties for mother or baby.

  • A full history is taken for both mother and baby’s health and well-being as it relates to breastfeeding 
  • We gently examine the baby for anatomy and reflexes related to breastfeeding, this includes assessment for tongue / lip restrictions
  • We examine mother’s breasts / nipples in cases of pain or difficulty
  • Baby is weighed on a special scale that is accurate to +/-  1/10th  of an ounce.  This allows us to measure how much milk baby takes from the breast – as well as giving baby’s weight!  
  • We observe the baby breastfeeding and recommend adjustments based on comfort and how much milk the baby is taking from the breast.    
  • We create a written care-plan that summarizes what we did during the appointment and what steps we recommend to resolve any difficulties.
  • A full report is faxed to both mother’s doctor and baby’s doctor so that everyone involved is kept up-to-date.
  • Insurance  - We are happy to submit the paperwork for you for reimbursement of our fees.

Does Insurance cover Consultations?
Under the Affordable Care Act,  insurance companies are required to cover the cost of "Breastfeeding Help",  but this is not well-defined. Different insurance companies are covering different amounts, and this is constantly changing.  Insurance providers are not currently allowing International Board Certified Lactation Consultants to join their networks and bill as in-network providers. Payments for service are made at the time of your appointment. We are happy to submit your claim for reimbursement, but cannot guarantee payment from your provider. If your claim is accepted you will be paid directly by your insurance company.

Consultation Options


Chimicles & Tikellis

Attornes at Law  are working on bringing a class action lawsuit on behalf of women that have been denied coverage for breastfeeding support and equipment.